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What is InterProtect® 2000E?

InterProtect 2000E epoxy primer has been an industry choice for protection and repair since 1986. Favored by both consumers and professional applicators in boatyards all over North America, InterProtect 2000E remains a market leader in protective epoxy barrier systems for fiberglass hulls. InterProtect 2000E is an excellent ‘Keel to Mast’ primer, i.e it can be used above and below the waterline on most substrates. InterProtect 2000E has a natural structure within the epoxy coating to create a barrier against water permeation, called Micro-Plates®. Technically, the InterProtect Micro-Plates formula provides millions of overlapping microscopic plates. When bound, they create an overlapping barrier similar to shingles on a roof. This barrier eliminates any direct path for water migration. If you have a new boat, a new hull ensure you protect your investment against water absorption that could lead to costly problems like crazing or cracking of gelcoat or even blisters. InterProtect 2000E will help you get the most out of your boat, for years to come. A hull well protected with a full InterProtect system has even been shown to increase the re-sale value of boats!

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