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Peeling Paint

What is it and how do I solve this?

For various reasons which we’ll outline below, you might experience detachment or adhesion failure of paint on your boat. This is when paint peels off in large or small sheets, but there are ways to help prevent this and treat it if does occur.

How to recognize it

You’ll see delamination between individual coatings or the entire paint system peeling away from the substrate.

Causes and how to prevent them

  1. Oil or grease contamination on substrate or one of the layers of coating. 
    Prevention: Ensure all surfaces are clean before painting.
  2. Rust/corrosion on substrate.
    Prevention: Ensure all rust/corrosion materials are thoroughly removed.
  3. Incorrect coating scheme such as two pack over one pack or using an incorrect one pack over a two pack. 
    Prevention: Use correct systems.
  4. Maximum over coating times exceeded and correct preparation not carried out.
    Prevention: Closely follow label instructions.       
  5. Paint coating applied too thickly leading to excessive shrinkage. 
    Prevention: Closely follow label instructions.       
  6. Build-up of coatings over long periods leading to internal stress. 
    Prevention: Remove buildup of old paint
  7. Antifouling paint left to dry out for too long. 
    Prevention: don’t leave antifoulings exposed for long periods unless they are types suited to that.

How to treat it

  • Scrape or sand loose coatings to a good firm edge and feather the edges of the intact coatings to give a smooth overlap. Fresh water wash the surface to remove all contamination. Patch, prime and apply finish coatings as required.
  • NEVER DRY SAND ANTIFOULINGS: Antifoulings must always be wet sanded for health and safety reasons.
  • In some instances a good firm edge might not be achievable and the whole coating and/or system may have to be removed.

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