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What is this two rag method which is commonly being referenced?

As you may know both a thorough and proper de-waxing along with de-greasing are key factors in the success any of paint job. Based off of their importance we recommend that the two rag method be used in order to achieve thorough and proper completion of the de-waxing and de-greasing prior to applying our products. Unfortunately though due to space constraints on such labels and documents we don’t get the opportunity to explain just what that method will consist of. Therefore I wanted to take a quick and brief opportunity to elaborate a bit more.

  • Essentially we recommend that you dampen a clean lint free rag with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202
  • You should then proceed to wipe a small section with that dampened rag to remove any initial surface contamination and/or sanding residue
  • Before the Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 begins to dry, we recommend that you take a clean dry lint free rag and wipe back across these small areas to lift off any residual solvent/surface contamination/sanding residue
  • Be sure to change rags frequently in order to prevent any residue/contamination from being transferred back onto the surface
  • Be sure to repeat the wiping as much as possible to ensure that the surface is completely and entirely clean with no traces of any residual contamination

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