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What is Biolux®?

Biolux® is an exclusive Interlux technology for keeping the bottoms of boats clean by eliminating the collection of slime. The unique Biolux® delivery system incorporates organic boosting biocides with powerful anti-fouling agents such as cuprous oxide. Biolux® Technology is used in Micron® Extra, Ultra®, Trilux® 33, Trilux® Prop & Drive, Micron® Optima, VC® 17m Extra and new Micron® 66®. This system is over 240 times more effective against algae than copper. These new bottom paints therefore offer the strongest protection ever developed against the full spectrum of fouling shells, weeds and slime.

You can use our Paint Estimator to determine how much paint is required. Just enter the type and dimensions of your boat, the product you're using and the number of coats required, and you'll receive a helpful estimate.

How much paint do I need?

We'll help you calculate how much paint is needed.

What product do you want to paint

What type of boat?

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What is the underwater area?

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1 x LWL x (B+D) = Underwater Area (m2)

0.5 x LWL x (B+D) = Underwater Area (m2)

0.75 x LWL x (B+D) = Underwater Area (m2)

LOA = Length Overall
LWL = Length Waterline
B = Beam
D = Draft
F = Freeboard

What application method?

How many coats do you want to apply?

If you put less than the minimum recommended numbers of coats, it may affect the performance of the coating.

To paint a ? x ? x ? ??, with ? coats

You'll need ? litres of

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