Warranty Terms & Conditions

Covered Products:

Interlux Antifouling Paints:

Warranty Coverage:

Interlux Yacht Finishes, a division of International Paint LLC warrants that when professionally applied by a Interlux Boatyard/Applicator (recognized Interlux Boatyard Center*), the Covered Products deter hull fouling from hard growth, including any and all types of barnacles, oysters, or zebra mussels for a period of one year (12 months), from the date of product application. This warranty extends to the original buyer only.

If, within one year of application, hard fouling is found on more than 10% of the underwater area of the vessel, Interlux Yacht Finishes will re-apply the Product free of charge including the costs of labor and materials up to four (4) times the invoice value of the Product/s as originally sold. Interlux Yacht Finishes sole obligation under this warranty is strictly limited as defined under this warranty, and in no way shall such obligation include any costs for downtime, loss of use, insurance or financing costs, lost revenue, haul-out charges, transportation or delivery costs to the approved refinisher, living and per-diem expenses, storage costs, hangar or yard charges, crew costs, disassembly and reassembly, or any other costs of preparing the item for re-application. If the vessel cannot be brought back to the original Interlux Boatyard/Applicator, Interlux Yacht Finishes reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to supply product only.

Warranty Exceptions & Exclusions:

  1. Interlux Yacht Finishes does not warranty and will not pay to repair or otherwise reimburse paints applied by any persons other than a Interlux Boatyard/Applicator.
  2. Paints that were not applied in accordance with all recommendations from the technical data sheets (e.g. overcoating intervals). The process of application, by an Interlux Boatyard Center, must be logged into a coatings diary.
  3. Paints that have not been properly maintained or used on a monthly basis. Proper cleaning and maintenance includes but is not limited to: cleaning slime and pollutants from the hull that allow barnacles to grow on the residue which insulates the antifouling properties from growth. Please follow local legislation when it comes to cleaning the hull. Proper cleaning can be accomplished by a gentle rubbing of the hulls surface with a soft cloth or soft car wash wool mitt removing all slime and pollutants exposing antifouling paint.
  4. Minor cosmetic or paint film integrity defects which constitute 10% or less of the total product/s surface.
  5. Applies to the Product(s) applied in accordance with Interlux Yacht Finishes complete application system. Interlux Yacht Finishes Product(s) are designed as an integrated coatings system; failures caused by the use of products not designed as part of such system are not covered by this warranty.
  6. Services or fees not first authorized in writing by International Paint LLC
  7. Repairs necessitated by use other than normal pleasure craft use.
  8. Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accidents, Force Majeure, alterations or improper application, insufficient including but not limited to insufficient paint coverage or rejection of an Interlux Boatyard Center recommendations.
  9. Corrective work necessitated by repairs made by anyone other than an International Paint LLC authorized service technician that is a Interlux Boatyard Center.
  10. Paints applied by any persons other than a Interlux Boatyard Center.
  11. Paint which are not applied within 6 months after purchasing.
  12. Paints which are damaged due to electrolysis issues.
  13. Paints which are damaged due to collision or running aground/ashore.
  14. Blistering, delamination, cracking, crazing, or paint film failure due to substrate flexing or movement and osmotic blistering, or erosion.
  15. Paints applied to running gear or through hulls.
  16. Paints applied over non-compatible paints or substrates. Refer to Interlux Compatibility Chart at Interlux.com
  17. Paints that are damaged due to exposure to toxic substances including, but not limited to, ammonia, bleach, cleaning substances, fuel and oil.
  18. Interlux Yacht Finishes reserves the sole right to select time, place, and personnel to re-apply the Product/s.
  19. This warranty does not cover AkzoNobel Nautical antifouling products.

Warranty Registration:

To obtain a warranty all of the following conditions must be met:

  • Warranties need to be registered online within fourteen (14) days of completion of the application of the paint
  • The registration of the warranty needs to contain:
    • the batch number of the paint used,
    • a copy of the purchase receipt,
    • copy of application invoice from the Interlux Boatyard Center

Warranty Conditions:

International Paint LLC reserves the right, at its sole discretion to reject

  • Warranty claims that are not submitted within thirty (30) days of first discovery.
  • Warranty claims that are not submitted online at: https://www.interlux.com/en/us/warranty-generator
  • Warranty claims that do not provide all required information for processing.
  • Warranty claims for repairs performed prior to written approval from International Paint LLC
  • Warranty claims for repairs performed by anyone other than a Interlux Boatyard/Applicator.

Limitation of Damages:

International Paint LLC shall not be liable for nor reimburse consequential damages which include any losses or costs resulting from the fact that the owner cannot use the vessel while it is being repaired.

How to Obtain Warranty Service:

The buyer should contact the Interlux Boatyard/Applicator who applied the paint for a warranty evaluation. Upon approval of the warranty claim from International Paint LLC the Interlux Boatyard/Applicator will repair the vessel. If the buyer is unable to contact the Interlux Boatyard/Applicator who applied the paint the buyer should contact International Paint LLC directly by telephone at 1-800-468-7589 or by e-mail at interluxtechnicalservice@akzonobel.com

Paint Application Declaration Form:

It is recommended that the boat owner ask the Interlux Boatyard/Applicator who performs the warranted paint application to complete the Paint Application Declaration Form at the time the warranted paint is applied. The form can be obtained online www.Interlux.com. Both the boat owner and Interlux Boatyard/Applicator are encouraged to retain copies of the completed form which provides complete details of the warranted paint application and can expedite a warranty claim.

International Paint LLC

*Interlux Boatyard Center refers to a boatyard that is signed up for the Interlux Co-Op Advertising Rebate Program and is recognized as a Interlux Boatyard Center.

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