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VC 17m Extra with Biolux

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VC 17m Extra is a high-performance, friction-reducing antifouling that combines traditional antifouling protection with Biolux® Slime Blocking Technology for complete protection in fresh water or low-fouling salt water, against zebra mussels and other fouling organisms. VC 17m Extra is formulated to be up to eight times thinner than traditional paint and with a fluoro-microadditive that produces a smooth, low-drag surface, making it great for racing and cruising boats.

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VC 17m Extra with Biolux

Product Retired

Sorry, this product is retired. Contact our friendly helpdesk to find the best replacement product for your boat.

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Good to know

  • Dual protection with Biolux® Technology for protection against all fouling types
  • Thin film with a fluoro-microadditive creates a smooth, low-friction surface, provides a hard, smooth racing finish
  • Quick-drying for a fast relaunch
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